Tsakhkadzor (“The Gorge of Flowers” in Armenian) is a spa town and a popular health resort in Armenia, located 50 kilometers north of the capital Yerevan in the Kotayk Province. Surrounded with alpine meadows, the town is situated on the southeastern slope of Mount Teghenis, at a height of 1,841 meters above sea level (which is 10 meters below the highest ski station of French resort Courchevel). Tsakhkadzor is surrounded by the Tsakhkunyats mountain range from the west, and the town of Hrazdan from the east. That fact that the beauty of this place was breathtaking and the air was curative was already known in the 5th century AD.

Back in the Soviet days, Tsakhkadzor has been developed as a major spa town and health resort, intending to attract a large number of tourists. After the independence of Armenia, Tsakhkadzor entered a new era of redevelopment starting from 2000. With the foundation of many luxurious hotels and sanatoriums, the town became a major winter resort attracting a large number of ski and snowboard enthusiasts from all over the world, to become one of the most developed tourist destinations in Armenia.

The Tsakhkadzor ski resort is located just above the town of Tsakhkadzor. During Soviet times, the lifts and other sporting facilities were built to prepare Soviet athletes for the 1988 Winter Olympics, and later fully modernized with the old lifts being replaced. All ropeway lifts are manufactured and operated by Leitner Group. Top skiing point is located at an altitude of 2,819 meters, from where opens the spectacular views of Lake Sevan and the Mount Ararat.

It’s true that Tsakhkadzor offers you pristine, untouched surroundings, but it also comes with historical attractions that never fail to amaze tourists. The architectural complex of Kecharis is the highlight of the town, comprising three churches and three chapels dating back to the 11th century.

Many luxury hotels and resorts serve the town during the summer and winter seasons including the Marriott Tsakhkadzor Hotel, Russia Hotel, Best Western Alva Hotel, Kecharis Hotel, Jupiter Hotel and many others. The “Senator Royale” casino of Tsakhkadzor is among the largest entertainment centers in Armenia.