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There’s no more exciting way to get out of the city, connect with nature, and make lasting memories from Armenia, than to get on board with one of our Adventure Getaways day tours. Due to the diverse geographical structure, Armenia has become an incredible destination for many breathtaking adventure sports. Among those, Paragliding Tandem Flights and Hot Air Balloon Riding are an awe-inspiring flying tours, which on top of the excellent flying experience, they offer the best views and the wonderful landscapes of our small and beautiful country. The Ziplining in Yenokavan gives you an adrenaline-pumping ride across the forests and cliffs of the majestic Tavush Province of Armenia. And why not spend a day, rowing your boat down on a Debed River Rafting excursion?

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You do not need prior knowledge or special skills for these flights. All you need to do is follow the instructions which you will be given by a pilot regarding your actions during takeoff and landing. The flight lasts 20 minutes on average, and you can go as high as 300m on average. The pilot will give you the opportunity to control the paraglider, in case of favorable weather (this does not concern takeoff and landing). You can take a photo/video camera with you during the flight. TANDEM FLIGHT PRICE PER PERSON | $105 *Price includes a tandem flight, transportation and shooting on GoPro camera PARAGLIDING AREAS MOUNT HATIS The birthplace of Armenian paraglider and hang glider pilots. FLYING SEASON Theoretically, throughout a year, but the best flying season is the spring and late autumn, the climate is arid and the air is turbulent in summer. TSOVAGHYUGH The upper slopes near Lake Sevan. Beloved “belveder” of Armenian paragliding pilots, with beautiful views of the Lake Sevan. FLYING SEASON July-September, when the global winds become northern. APARAN The mountain ranges are stretching from nearby areas of the Aparan town to the Dzoraglukh village. It is a relatively new discovered flying site, with beautiful scenery, and is the beloved sight of all Armenian paragliding pilots. FLYING SEASON Autumn. Strong winds are more frequent in spring and early summer, precipitation probability is higher and there are more winds with "wrong" directions during this period.


The balloon is designed for 4 passengers and a pilot. During the summer and spring the flights are carried out 2 times a day, in the mornings and evenings. In this interval, mainly in the afternoon, there is a high solar activity, and the uneven heating of the planet Earth might cause some strong upward and downward streams, that might cause some obstacles for the flight of the balloon. In the winter you can fly at any hour during the day. The winter flights are beautiful in their own way, as the air is very crisp, and you can admire the stunning winter sights of Armenia from the above. Usually hot air balloons can fly at a height of several kilometers. Without any oxygen equipment, a flight at 3,000-4,000 meters is considered to be a safe one. Our free flight plan takes 4-5 hours, it includes the meeting of the representatives, transportation to the area of the flight, the process of preparing the balloon for flight, the introduction of flight conditions, the ceremony of awarding a certificate of the first flight, and the treats of champagne and sweets. The flight itself lasts for 1-1.5 hours. HOT AIR BALLOON RIDING AREAS: GARNI & GEGHARD BALLOON RIDING PRICE PER PERSON | $179 *Price is for the Group Flight Tour. We offer a Tour Group Flight, Personal Flight, Wedding Proposals, Dinner in the Sky, VIP Package and Wedding Ceremony in the Sky.  


Ziplining in Yenokavan is becoming an increasingly popular and expanding tourist attraction in Armenia. Riders wearing harnesses clip onto a thick steel cable, then step off a platform amid the forest - never looking back, flying atop the trees, the cliffs and with stunning views below. This adventure through the forests of the beautiful Tavush Province of Armenia, features 5 incredible ziplines (135 meters, 200 meters, 268 meters, 375 meters, and 750 meters long lines), joined by a network of different trails. The all 5 rides take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, and the flights last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The Nightime Zip is your final and exhilarating adrenaline push, setting off every Friday after 8 p.m. All the zipline rides are fully guided by the professionally trained staff, creating a safe environment at heights up to 300 meters off the ground. ZIPLINING PRICE PER PERSON ON WEEKDAYS | $25 ZIPLINING PRICE PER PERSON ON WEEKENDS | $33 *There is no age restriction to participate in any of our Zipline tours. The upper weight limit of the participant should not exceed 100 kg (220 pounds). *Whether you’re traveling as a single, couple or group, there is an optional round trip transfer available from Yerevan to Yenokavan. For more details about the prices and the vehicle, please contact us at


Our River Rafting day tours are growing in popularity each year and are well suited for almost any age. The Lori Province with the Debed River is undeniably one of the epicenters of whitewater rafting and kayaking in Armenia. It runs everyday all the way from early spring through summer and fall, and each season is a unique ride. Our guides have years of experience in guiding rafting tours and we guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. RIVER RAFTING PRICE PER PERSON | $25 *Price includes the boating rules presentation, insurance, necessary equipment, professional pilots, transfer from the ending point to the starting point. Departure point: Tumanyan township Arrival point: Sanahin Train Station Distance: about 12 km Duration: 1-1.5 hrs Timeframe: from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. daily Season: from 15 March till 31 October. Level of Difficulties: during the summer is a Class 4, and during the spring is Class 5+ *Some restrictions apply: 18 years old and older are welcome from 15 March till 20 June. The 10 years old and older are welcome from 20 June till 31 October. Participants with asthma or chronic heart disease are excluded from taking part in Debed river rafting.