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Dzoraget: Canyon Of Divine Beauty

Be the witness of an incredible panorama of the Dzoraget Canyon with its exuberant vegetation of Lori, which will leave an everlasting impression on your travel in Armenia!

Dzoraget is a compound word in Armenian meaning “Gorge-river”. The Dzoraget River is located in the Lori Province in Northern Armenia. It originates in the Bazum Mountains and flows west to east through spectacular gorges around Stepanavan. It finally feeds into the river Debed near Dzoragyugh, which ultimately drains to the Kura.

The Gorge in certain places is over 300 meters (985 ft) in depth.

Dzoraget is considered a major ecotourism and adventure destination, the community does have various tourist attractions due to its geographical location. There is an amazing opportunity for visitors to enjoy the magnificent view of Dzoraget Canyon by trekking, horseback riding and river rafting through the fantastic trails leading to Dzoraget and starting from here.

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Dzoraget Canyon
Dzoraget Canyon
Dzoraget Canyon