Jermuk ("The Warm Mineral Spring" in Armenian) is a mountain spa town in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor, 53 km east of the provincial capital Yeghegnadzor, and 170 km southeast of Yerevan. The town is located at a height of 2,080 meters above sea level, within the mountains of Vayots Dzor, among thick forests, on a plateau divided into two parts by the gorge of Arpa River.

The town is mainly famous with its hot springs. The natural water bottling industry has its deep roots in the town as the first factory was founded in 1951. Nowadays, Jermuk is home to many giant factories that produce bottled mineral water. The sparkling water of "Jermuk" is largely exported to markets around the world.

Another key sector in the economy of Jermuk is tourism. The town is home to several high quality health resorts and spas, and it is one of the main touristic destinations for those who visit Armenia. Visitors could enjoy the beautiful nature of the area and the mountains around it, the waterfalls, the curing water pools, hotels and health spas, sanatoriums, the ropeway and alpine sports facilities. One of the most attractive nearby destinations is the 1,000 years old Gndevank Monastery, located just 10 km west of Jermuk.

Jermuk is also being set up to become a major chess center, where during the month of August of each year, it hosts the FIDE Grand Prix Jermuk Chess Tournament.

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6 days | 5 nights

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