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"Vana Katu" - The Armenian Heritage of Lake Van

Van Cats

Van cats are an endemic breed of cats that formed independently on the territory of Lake Van, located in the Armenian Highlands (now the territory of Turkey). The Van cat is not a result of selection, it is naturally occurring breed of domestic cat that...

Cave-Fortress Complex “Zarni-Parni”

Cave-Fortress Complex “Zarni-Parni”

The “Zarni-Parni” is a 10th-13th centuries old cave-fortress complex, located in the Lori Province of Armenia. It is situated in a forest canyon with a magnificent view of the Kayan Fortress, near the village of Haghpat, famous for its monastery of the same name. ...

“Mendz Er" Cave

“Mendz Er” cave-museum & restaurant

The "Mendz Er” cave is located on the road leading to the Sanahin, one of the most beautiful Alaverdi neighborhoods in the Lori Province of Armenia. The formerly inhabited cave, which later served as a hiding place for the herd of goats, is now the...

The Melik Tangi Bridge

Melik Tangi Bridge

The historic Melik Tangi Bridge, built in 1855, is located 20 km east of the city of Sisian, in the Syunik Province of Armenia, under the ruins of the once mighty Vorotnaberd Fortress. It is not so much the engineering solution and implementation that impresses,...

Black Monastery of Tanahat

Tanahat Monastery

The 8th century Tanahat Monastery was one of the medieval Armenia’s most important religious and cultural centers. Some scholars believe that the Tanahat Monastery housed the famous Gladzor University, founded in 1282 - the most prominent educational institution of Medieval Armenia....