Bezoar Goats: A “Red Book” Animal

Bezoar Goats

Would you be interested to see the graceful endangered Bezoar goats grazing and jumping over the red cliffs in the Vayotz Dzor Province of Armenia? Then pack your bags, come down to our amazing country and join any of our tours featuring Bezoar goats sights!...

White Storks – A Cultural Icon Of Armenia

White Storks In Armenia

The Stork ("Aragil") is traditionally considered a sacred bird in Armenian legends and mythology, and it was regarded as the messenger of Ara the Beautiful, as well as the defender of fields. As such, the stork has often been a source of inspiration from the...

Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats

Aragats, formerly one of the largest volcanoes in the world, is the highest peak of Armenia (4,090m/13,419 ft). People come here to enjoy the scenery of Aragats, experience the alpine zone of the Mount, and to see the meadows decorated with colorful flowers, such as...