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“Aseghnagorts” - The Finest Khachkar In The World

“Aseghnagorts” Khachkar

The 12th century monastery of Goshavank, located in the Tavush Province of Armenia, kept samples of the world's finest khachkars (cross-stones). The “Aseghnagorts” (“The Needlecarved”) khachkar still standing by the entrance to the chapel, which is a true work of art....

Noah's Tomb - In Armenian Nakhijevan

Noah's Tomb

In the southern part of Nakhijevan (former Erivan governorate, currently part of Azerbaijan) there is an ancient and interesting object - the grave of Noah. According to a legend, Armenian Nakhijevan was the place where Noah settled after the Great Flood. Noah and his family...

Minas Avetisyan - An Armenian Artist Who Took Painting To A New Level

Minas Avetisyan

Minas Avetisyan is one of the most prominent representatives of the Armenian painting of the second half of the 20th century. Minas has created compositions, landscapes reflecting the Armenian countryside, as well as portraits, still life, frescoes. His works are unique with their strong contrasting...

Vordan Karmir - Armenian Cochineal

Vordan Karmir

Even in ancient times, the carmine paint Vordan Karmir, extracted from the Ararat cochineal, was considered a true miracle. Surprisingly resistant and safe for health, it was used in various areas of life: spinning, weaving, cooking, medicine, art and science. Neither the time, nor aggressive...

Armenians On Gold Coins Of The Byzantine Empire

Armenians on gold coins of the Byzantine Empire

Although Armenia was only a part of the Byzantine Empire, many Armenians became extremely successful during its existence. Armenians were represented in all spheres of Byzantine life: from bishops, architects, generals and even emperors. ...