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Noah's Tomb - In Armenian Nakhijevan

Noah's Tomb

In the southern part of Nakhijevan (former Erivan governorate, currently part of Azerbaijan) there is an ancient and interesting object - the grave of Noah. According to a legend, Armenian Nakhijevan was the place where Noah settled after the Great Flood. Noah and his family...

Vordan Karmir - Armenian Cochineal

Vordan Karmir

Even in ancient times, the carmine paint Vordan Karmir, extracted from the Ararat cochineal, was considered a true miracle. Surprisingly resistant and safe for health, it was used in various areas of life: spinning, weaving, cooking, medicine, art and science. Neither the time, nor aggressive...

Armenians On Gold Coins Of The Byzantine Empire

Armenians on gold coins of the Byzantine Empire

Although Armenia was only a part of the Byzantine Empire, many Armenians became extremely successful during its existence. Armenians were represented in all spheres of Byzantine life: from bishops, architects, generals and even emperors. ...

Armenia - The Best City In Colombia

Armenia Columbia

Armenia is one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in Colombia. The city was founded on October 14, 1889 by a group of Armenian immigrants and named after the first country to adopt Christianity as its official religion, and the place known as Heaven...