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Geghard Gata – Sweet Armenian Tradition

Geghard Gata

In the rugged Upper Azat Valley in Armenia, around the entrance to the rock-carved Geghard Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site), you’ll notice elderly ladies, clustered around their roadside stalls, selling Gata - the beautiful round sweet bread....

Marmashen Monastery

Marmashen Monastery

The 10th century Marmashen Monastery is located 10 km northwest of the city of Gyumri, in the valley of the Akhuryan River, far from the settlements, in the midst of nature in the Shirak Province of Armenia. The monastery is considered one of the most...

Angels’ Canyon | Ararat Province Of Armenia

Angels’ Canyon

The Angels’ Canyon is a unique natural monument in the central part of Armenia, not far from the town of Vedi. In recent years, this tourist destination has become quite popular among both locals and tourists. It is located 55 kilometers from Yerevan....

Armenian Cheeses

Armenian cheeses

Armenia is famous not only for its nature, fresh mountain air, delicious wines and Armenian brandy, but also its cheeses. Since prehistoric times, Armenia has been famous for its fresh pickled cheeses. To date, more than 30 different types of cheeses are known in Armenia....

Medieval Jewish Cemetery In Yeghegis

Jewish cemetery in Yeghegis

It will seem surprising to you, but in the gorges of the Yeghegis Mountains there is a medieval Jewish cemetery. About 70 tombstones have been preserved in this cemetery, some of which have inscriptions in Hebrew or Aramaic. The tombstones have been crafted in a...

“Vana Katu” – The Armenian Heritage of Lake Van

Van Cats

Van cats are an endemic breed of cats that formed independently on the territory of Lake Van, located in the Armenian Highlands (now the territory of Turkey). The Van cat is not a result of selection, it is naturally occurring breed of domestic cat that...

“ARARAT” – The Legendary Armenian Brandy

Ararat Brandy

The “Ararat” brandy is the undisputed leader in the premium brandies category since 1887. The production is made exclusively from local grape varieties to maintain the special properties that blend harmoniously with the Caucasian oak barrels, used for aging of the authentic Armenian brandy. ...