Tsitskar - New Trendy Travel Destination in Armenia


Tsitskar rock is one of the most exotic sightseeing places in Armenia today, each year attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world. This beauty is located in the Arevatsag Gorge of Dzoraget Canyon in the Lori Province of Armenia. ...

Borek - Soft And Crispy Armenian Spinach & Cheese Turnovers


A classic Armenian mezze, the Boreks are the flaky puff pastries filled with a range of cheeses and spinach - a delicious appetizer enjoyed by millions of Armenians around the world. They're usually triangle-shaped, although tray-style Boreks, baked in a pan and then cut into...

Stepanavan "Sochut" Dendropark, Lori Province Of Armenia

Stepanavan Dendropark

Stepanavan Dendropark is the first botanical garden in Armenia. It was founded in 1933 by the Polish forestry engineer Edmond Leonowicz. This is a unique corner of nature, where a collection of trees, shrubs and flowers from all over the world is collected. With...

Diana Abgar (1859-1937) - The World's First Female Ambassador

Diana Abgar

Diana Hovhannes Abgar (Abgaryan) - Armenian writer, publicist and diplomat, author of nine books on the Armenian Genocide. Being appointed as the diplomatic representative and Consul General of Armenia in Japan on July 21, 1920, she became the first woman ambassador in the world. ...

ARARAT Single Cask 12 YO Limited Edition Brandy

Ararat Brandy

ARARAT Single Cask is a limited edition product of the Yerevan Brandy Company with a unique age characteristic for the ARARAT line of 12 years of aging. Thanks to the special approach to the aging process, ARARAT Single Cask is distinguished by exceptional delicacy,...