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Gavari Kufta - The Pride Of Armenian Cuisine

Gavari Kufta

Gavari Kufta is the pride of Armenian Cuisine. No one knows for sure how many centuries this dish has been around. Everyone, without exception, likes this amazing dish, because it has a very unusual and unique taste, and an unusual form of serving these wonderful...

ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend Armenian Brandy

Ararat Brandy

The ARARAT Brandy Charles Aznavour, a 25-year-old Signature Blend, offers an authentic and generous taste of Armenia. The source of inspiration for the creation of ARARAT Charles Aznavour Signature Blend was the great artist’s path to worldwide fame and excellence. Charles Aznavour participated in the...

Arishta - Traditional Armenian Homestyle Pasta


Arishta is traditional Armenian homestyle pasta similar to Italian Fettuccini. Pretty steep wheat flour dough is rolled out up to 1.5 mm thick, like the Lavash bread, rolled up, which is then cut into thin strips with a special rolling pin and dried. Then the...

Armenian Coffee

Armenian Coffee

Like many other cultures in the world, Armenia has their own unique take on coffee. Armenian coffee is an exquisitely flavorful, strong brew, ideal for even the pickiest coffee connoisseurs. The style of Armenian coffee is similar throughout the Mediterranean and is served usually with...

Lake Gosh

Lake Gosh

There are two hidden gems in Dilijan National Park that are worth exploring: the Goshavank Monastery and the Lake Gosh. Lake Gosh is named after the medieval scientist, explorer and public figure Mkhitar Gosh, who is also the founder of the Goshavank Monastery....

Getahovit Waterfall

Getahovit Waterfall

This beauty is located near the village of Getahovit, located on the Sarnajur River, which flows into the Aghstev River, 2 km northeast of the regional center of the Tavush Province, the city of Ijevan....

Gegharot Waterfall

Gegharot Waterfal

Gegharot Waterfall - one of the wonders of Armenia, which forms the eponymous tributary of the stormy Kasakh River, flowing along the slope of the Mount Aragats. It is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, just 12 km from the village...