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Khashlama – The Favorite Of Armenian Food Lovers


In Armenia, Khashlama is a celebratory dish, usually prepared for special occasions, and it's a favorite of Armenian food lovers, who enjoy natural, plain flavors. Khashlama consists of meat and vegetables boiled together in a rich, delicious broth, and seasoned with herbs. While Khashlama is...

“Petrossian” Caviar House

"Petrossian” Caviar House

The Reuters agency writes: "Petrossian" brand specialists are the best in the world, and the offered caviar is of the highest quality and processed according to the technologies of the Armenian ancestors of the founders of the business". The world-famous brand from this Armenian family...

The Gampr (Armenian wolfhound) – A National Treasure Of Armenia

Armenian Gampr

The Gampr (Armenian wolfhound) is a very rare and ancient aboriginal dog breed, originating from the Armenian Highlands. Since the ancient times, Armenian wolfhounds were helpers of shepherds who did not graze livestock, but guarded the flocks of sheep from wolves. Also, Armenian wolfhounds...

Ghapama – Armenian Festive Pumpkin


Festive, unique, bright and most importantly healthy Ghapama from Armenian cuisine! So dear to the hearts of Armenian families around the world, this traditional pumpkin dish symbolizes 'a sweet life'. It is prepared by removing the guts of the pumpkin and stuffing it with boiled...

Gutanasar Volcano


Gutanasar, also known as Gutan - is a dormant three-headed volcano in the center of Armenia’s Kotayk Province, 2.5 km south of the village of Fantan. Covered with thick snow from January through March, it is part of the Geghama Mountains that neighbor Lake Sevan...

Armenian Round Gata – The Queen Of The Desserts

Armenian Round Gata

A round Armenian Gata is a lightly sweetened, buttery light bread-cake hybrid, meant to be served as a dessert with tea or coffee. In Armenia, this round cake with a delicate creamy vanilla taste, is not only popular, but even entered into folk...

Sergei Parajanov Museum

Sergei Parajanov Museum

When traveling in Armenia, you should definitely visit the Parajanov Museum, which is one of the most popular museums in Yerevan. Parajanov was a Soviet Armenian film director, screenwriter and artist who made significant contributions to world cinema with his films such as “Shadows of...

Khorovats – The Star Of Armenian Cuisine


Khorovats is the name of the Armenian barbecue, and it is the most common dish of Armenian cuisine, offered in restaurants, at family holidays both in Armenia and among Armenians around the world. Traditionally, in Armenia, pork is used for the preparation of khorovats, less...

Spas – Armenian yogurt soup (Tanapoor)


This is a soup from the classic Armenian cuisine, and it's made with yogurt and wheat berries, often seasoned with mint or cilantro. Spas is perfect belly warmer for a cold day, and many enjoyed chilled spas at the height of Armenian summer, when the...