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Souvenirs To Buy In Armenia & Where To Find Them

Armenian Souvenirs

The common question that tourists usually ask is "What to buy in Armenia?" If you want to savor an authentic shopping experience in Armenia - Yerevan’s Vernissage market is right up your alley. Another great place to buy art and souvenirs in Yerevan is the...

Armenian Duduk

Armenian Duduk

The Armenian duduk is a double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood, and it is indigenous to Armenia. Born in the early eons of Armenian history, the duduk is considered the most "Armenian" of all folk instruments, because of its origins and its ability...

Armenian Dried Fruits

Gumi Shuka Market

Armenia has a centuries old tradition of producing high-quality dried fruits and berries. Armenian dried fruits are especially delicious, because they are made from local fruits, which are noted for their sweetness and richness of the taste. They are cholesterol free, low in sodium and...

“Ararat” Brandy

Ararat Brandy

The “Ararat brandy“ is the undisputed leader in the premium brandies category since 1887. The production is made exclusively from local grape varieties to maintain the special properties that blend harmoniously with the Caucasian oak barrels, used for aging of the authentic Armenian brandy...