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Medieval Jewish Cemetery In Yeghegis

Jewish cemetery in Yeghegis

It will seem surprising to you, but in the gorges of the Yeghegis Mountains there is a medieval Jewish cemetery. About 70 tombstones have been preserved in this cemetery, some of which have inscriptions in Hebrew or Aramaic. The tombstones have been crafted in a...

"Vana Katu" - The Armenian Heritage of Lake Van

Van Cats

Van cats are an endemic breed of cats that formed independently on the territory of Lake Van, located in the Armenian Highlands (now the territory of Turkey). The Van cat is not a result of selection, it is naturally occurring breed of domestic cat that...

Armenian Wines

Armenian Wines

Armenia has always been the birthplace of wine and grapes, as with over 400 rare varieties of grapes grow on the territory of Armenia. The unique climatic conditions of Armenia contributed to the active development of winemaking. The Ararat plain and mountain valleys are distinguished...

“ARARAT” - The Legendary Armenian Brandy

Ararat Brandy

The “Ararat” brandy is the undisputed leader in the premium brandies category since 1887. The production is made exclusively from local grape varieties to maintain the special properties that blend harmoniously with the Caucasian oak barrels, used for aging of the authentic Armenian brandy. ...

Armenian Rainbow Pickles

Armenian Rainbow Pickles

Pickled veggies in Armenian cuisine are very popular and loved. They are served both at the most luxurious table and at the most modest meal. Armenian housewives pickle white cabbage and cauliflower, cucumbers and tomatoes, okras, carrots, chilies, beets, all kinds of greens, plums, green...

James Bagian: The Only Armenian That Was In Space

James Bagian

On March 13, 1989, the American astronaut of Armenian origin, James Bagian, flew to the space by “Discovery” shuttle in the framework of the “Space Shuttle STS-29” program. Then Armenian people got another reason for pride, after all, we had our own astronaut! ...