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Black Monastery of Tanahat

Tanahat Monastery

The 8th century Tanahat Monastery was one of the medieval Armenia’s most important religious and cultural centers. Some scholars believe that the Tanahat Monastery housed the famous Gladzor University, founded in 1282 - the most prominent educational institution of Medieval Armenia....

The Legend Of Akhtamar Island

The Legend of Akhtamar Island

This legend is very popular in Armenian families. Older generation tells it to their children and grandchildren, carried away into the past, to those times, when royal families still ruled in Armenia, thus, not allowing to forget about the traditions, customs and fortitude of the...

The Basturma Omelette – A Great Armenian Breakfast

Armenian Basturma Omelette

Within every culture, there is always one celebrated breakfast dish that could easily represent all the rest without debate. For many Armenians it is the Basturma Omelette - a family tradition and favorite. A part of Armenian cuisine for centuries, the Basturma is air-dried cured...

Armenian Mulberry Vodka (Tuti Aragh)

Armenian Mulberry Vodka

Tuti Aragh (Mulberry vodka) is a strong alcoholic drink produced in Armenia, mostly in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Syunik Province. This traditional Armenian drink has the delicate and unique aroma of the mulberries & herbs, and a pleasant tender taste. It is on a level with...

Aveluk – A Uniquely Armenian Dish


Aveluk (Rumex crispus) or Wild Sorrel, is a fairly common plant, but it is in Armenia that Aveluk is actively harvested, processed and used as an ingredient in traditional cuisine. The recipes for preparing Aveluk vary: salads, snacks and soups, pies and hot dishes. Aveluk...

Ararat – The Holy Mountain Of Armenians

Mount Ararat

Ararat is known as the “Holy Mountain” of the Armenian people. Despite lying outside the borders of modern Armenia, the Ararat Mountain is the principal national symbol of Armenia and has been featured prominently in Armenian literature and art and is an icon for Armenian...